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Welcome to the newly redesigned OCTM website! 
Thank you for your patience in our transition!  We are excited to share our vision and work in this new format.
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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Mathematics is, and should be, for all.  If you would like to be involved in the OCTM Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, please see the information below. 

The OCTM Mission Statement states that our aim as an organization is to "Engage, Inspire, Empower with Mathematics", and we do this by:

  • Supporting the growth of mathematics educators
  • Promoting diversity and equity through inclusive structures and practices that promote access to mathematics for all students and educators

Our Vision Statement, which is also the NCTM Vision Statement, expresses our desire for the future:
We envision a world where everyone is enthused about mathematics, sees the value and beauty of mathematics, and is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

We acknowledge and are deeply disheartened by the fact that too many students have not been served well in school mathematics.  Too frequently, this has resulted from a lack of diversity, inclusion, and equity in school structures and practices.  This also reflects historic injustices in our society, and as educators we can work together toward anti-oppressive, transformational change that supports all students and educators in equitable ways. 

On our homepage are statements that OCTM has published or endorsed that reflect our commitment to a just and equitable world.

OCTM strives to:

  • Value, welcome, and seek out diversity among our leadership and membership of our organization
  • Promote participation in meaningful interest-based mathematics programs and courses
  • Work to challenge and abolish structures that have oppressed certain groups of students historically and currently (e.g., tracking)
  • Encourage underrepresented and marginalized populations of students to pursue careers in mathematics and mathematics teaching
  • Collaborate with colleges and universities to seek out, recruit and support a diverse group of prospective teachers to enter mathematics education

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Are you interested in working with OCTM to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in our organization, in mathematics education, and in mathematics-related careers?  If so, please contact 
Charissa Hunt, one of our Co-Directors of Diversity and Inclusion, at .  The Task Force is responsible for the activities shown below, and new work is initiated on an ongoing basis.  We need YOUR voice and passion in these efforts. 

    The Network for Educators of Color is a group for all educators (OCTM members and beyond) who are interested in creating equitable, antiracist teaching and learning structures for all.  Find more information and a link to join here.

    Town Halls

    OCTM has held several public, online Town Halls since June 2020 to address and challenge racism, social injustice, and other oppressive forces in our schools and communities.  We focus on what we can do as mathematics educators to promote antiracist, anti-oppressive policies and practices in schools and classrooms.  Find more details about upcoming and past Town Halls here.

    OCTM is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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