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Welcome to the newly redesigned OCTM website! 
Thank you for your patience in our transition!  We are excited to share our vision and work in this new format.
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Ins(pi)reUP 2.0

Our Mission

OCTM's mission is to be a highly valued community in which teachers of mathematics can grow professionally in order to foster deep mathematics understanding for all learners. The mission of Ins(pi)reUP is to be a collaborative, energetic group of current and future leaders within OCTM.

Applications for Ins(pi)reUP 2.0 are now being accepted!  This group is unique, as we nurture beginning/pre-service teachers through the wisdom and support of veteran educators.  Ins(pi)reUP is led by the three Vice-Presidents of OCTM, who are passionate about providing equitable and quality teaching for classrooms throughout Ohio.  This year's theme is focused on the collaborative relationships among the members of Ins(pi)reUP.  We become better together! 

To become a member of the next Ins(pi)reUP cohort, click the button below.  The deadline to apply is September 1, 2021. You will be changed! 

    Apply for Ins(pi)reUP today!


    Please e-mail any of our leaders:

    Vice-President for Elementary, Courtney Koestler at

    Vice-President for Secondary, Rachael Gorsuch at

    Vice-President for College, Joanne Caniglia at

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