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Network for Educators of Color

The purposes of the Network for Educators of Color (NEC) are:

  • To create a support system for teachers, administrators, coaches, and specialists of color
  • To create a support system for teachers who have not taught students of color
  • To create a support system for preservice teachers who need additional learning and experience with teaching students of color
  • To develop antiracist learning experiences and resources for all disciplines, not just mathematics
  • To create a place/platform for sensitive subjects and topics to be discussed
  • To change the narrative and dispel stereotypes concerning people of color

Who can join?  Anyone who would benefit from these purposes.
Click here to join.

The NEC is led by Charissa Hunt and Dawn Williams, OCTM Directors of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as AAron Humphries, OCTM Northeast District Director.  If you have questions about the NEC, please contact Charissa Hunt or Dawn Williams at or .

NEC Newsletter

The NEC sends a quarterly e-newsletter to its members.

Call for personal stories:
In an effort to combat the lack of Black and Brown representation in the field of education, whether as teachers, textbook examples, or curriculum modeling, the OCTM Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is seeking Black and Brown individuals to share their stories
 in the NEC newsletter about why they entered the field of education.  We want to present positive images that our Black and Brown students can identify with and spark an interest within them to become educators (especially math educators!).  If you are interested in sharing your journey, please email
Charissa Hunt or Dawn Williams at or .

OCTM is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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